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mission, vision and values


Perspective of Iran Ferroalloy Industries Company is to codify a framework for criteria, indicators and inspiration for the organization's progress. Regarding to the implementation of the project for the production of magnesium ingots with a capacity of 12,000 tons a year, the production of microsilica densifa and blended cement, is expected to be presented as a nominated and updated model within the country and the Middle East.


  • - Quality production as the major mission of the organization.
  • - Extension the name of the company in Iran and the world according to the selected policies.
  • - Efforts to enhance the dignity and personality as well as cultural value of the country.
  • - Endeavour to obtain satisfaction and prove loyalty to the customer.
  • - Consultation and utilization of collective wisdom in different ways.
  • - Protect and Support of ethical and work values and individual creativity.


Iran Ferroalloy Industries Co., as the largest producer of Ferrosilicon and Microsilica in Iran and the Middle East, has a mission to meet the needs of major steel makers (including existing producers or to-be-built in the future units) as well as all iron smelting units including Domestic and foreign ones, also meeting the needs of all the contractors of large sub-basement projects in the country in the field of construction.
In addition, improving existing products, introducing new products and expanding export markets as a target, is one of the missions of the company.